Have you ever sat through a webinar? Were you fully engaged or did your external distractions such as smart phones, tablets or multiple monitors periodically pull you away from the webinar presentation? PowerPoint certainly gets a bad rapt, after all it’s just an application. It is never more apparent than in a webinar that our presentation skills may be lacking.  We speak but hear nothing and we sometimes ask for responses but get very little in return.

Maybe it’s time to consider that to get something in return from the audience; we as the presenter have to give them something. We suggest dropping the bullets and creating a story wrapped around your data, categories and statistics.  Build more slides than you ever thought about…triple the volume but with significantly less information on each slide. Now you can spend less than a third of the time on one slide than you used to. To the audience they see  faster moving visuals, a reason to stay connected with your story, a reason to engage.