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We are back with Big Tip #4

Create Professional Graphics

The simplest of the surefire ways to succeed with your presentation is to create professional graphics. Chances are you are not a designer so you must hire one.

The process for going from early stage presentation ideas to hiring a designer should be navigated carefully. You need to get your content established and in order.   Develop a compelling message that connects with your specific audience first because content always precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration.

In looking for a designer, be sure to describe to them the audience and who the design is for. If you have the designer appeal to the presenter and the presenter likes swirly curves and flowers, but the audience is high level analytical the presentation will make the presenter smile, but fail to connect with the audience. DESIGN for the audience.

Lock down the content so the designer isn’t dealing with changes mid-stream. A designer needs to focus on the feel of the design.  Also it’s always good to find a designer who has designed for business presentations prior. Don’t settle for any designer in a moment of panic, experience really does matter when designing a presentation slide in PowerPoint.

The final suggestion for hiring a designer or presentation design firm, like Presentation Partners, is to relinquish creative freedom. Let the designers fight the fight against ugliness, it’s their job.