Does your enterprise use metrics to share with your customer just how good (or challenged) the performance is and  to reinforce the value that your enterprise brings to the table?  Are those metrics shared in a compelling fashion that will engage the customer or are they just presented as straight forward data?  Since you are already a partner or supplier and you are in the door as the incumbent, most likely the customer will take your data with a grain of salt- they have to.

We have all heard people in the business world lament about how they have been sold by a business developer who was caring, energetic and passionate, and often the customer service or account managers who take over lack that same feeling. After all, we already have got you on board so other than good numbers what else do you need, right?

This approach puts most enterprise organizations on unsuspecting thin ice, only to break when an unfortunate incident occurs. For the customer it’s an escape route after being wined and dined initially and then dumped into a statistic and data world that offers no clarity or compelling information for them regarding the partnership performance.

Presentation Partners suggests taking the same approach with those existing relations as you took with the prospective relationships.  After all its less expensive to grow business opportunities with existing clients than it is to harvest new accounts. So after you romance that prospect with that sparkling new presentation and pitch, don’t forget about presenting future metrics in a compelling visual approach.