There is a general rule of thumb thrown around in the presentation industry regarding bullets, which states no more than five bullets per slide with no more than five words per bullet. This is an attempt to get you the presenter to understand that you are probably being verbose. Of course individuals in the audience can read some three and half times faster than you can speak so the danger of placing word…bullets…on your slide creates a potential disconnect as your audience will read the slide as opposed to listening to the presenter.

By using custom graphics, you can visually simplify the message and allow the audience to be stimulated visually by a high bandwidth channel capacity in a relatively short period of time. The goal here is to move beyond bullets and create a message for the audience. After all, we don’t speak in bullets so the custom graphics should support a general message that allows the presenter to speak their knowledge.

Custom graphics can also make a design play from a brand that has been firmly established by a corporate marketing group. Thus, custom graphics can, for the sake of this presentation, exemplify tastefully the company’s already established brand.

More than an image selection from a stock photo company, custom graphics can spark the imagination of the audience.  Often manipulation of a stock image is required in addition to illustrations and mind-blowing graphics to help support a message strongly.