This quote was shared with me many months ago by my youngest son’s gifted language arts teacher as part of her email signature. It struck me how true the statement was and how few teachers actually fit this proclamation, less this particular teacher of course.  In studying the quote for a while I felt as if the word “education” could be easily substituted with the word “information.”

As members of society most of us have knowledge in a few areas that if shared could help others.  How we present that information is the difference between filling the pail or lighting a fire. Ala,s it always boils down the presentation. Do we use visuals, are we expressive, can we articulate?  Those are mechanisms of presentation, but the one element that can truly differentiate is passion. Passion can light a fire in someone else. So before your next encounter of sharing knowledge with a co-worker, family member, think for a brief moment if the topic is something you care about, and if the answer is yes, then light a fire.