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Senior Management PowerPoint Presentations

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All successful presenters do one thing better than the rest of us, they understand in detail and emotion who their audience is. If your audience is senior management they understand broad scale objectives with tools and programs designed to help achieve those objectives, usually in a compressed lead-time. The senior management audience is also usually… Read more »

A Bit of Humble Advice

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Need help avoiding a “cow patty” presentation? The one that’s loaded with bullets, charts and overblown value propositions? Imagine having someone to write the newly refreshed story and build dynamite graphics, while you focusing your attention elsewhere. Do we have your interest? If so check out the following link…

Core Messaging

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Does core messaging affect a presentation , and other selling collaterals?  Most companies today have an idea of what their selling proposition is, however determining what messaging is placed on a business development presentation versus on a web site, trade magazine advertisement or sales teaser can be daunting. You don’t want to assume it’s all… Read more »

Presenting to Multiple Audiences

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  Sometimes you have to present to a diverse group, just like this organization was required to do in the sample shown above. There may be industry executives, industry media and analyst in the same audience. How do you connect with all the constituents groups with just one presentation? The answer is a story. We… Read more »

Make Your Presentation 4G LTE Bandwidth

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How do we build presentations that embrace the audience? Did you know that less content per slide allows the mental bandwidth of the audience to quickly determine the slide messaging? If the audience can grasp the general messaging of the slide in under four seconds, similar to an advertisement, then there’s a fair chance that… Read more »

Presentation by E-mail

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  In today’s business world it is becoming common for a prospective party to request a presentation be sent via PowerPoint for review.  If there is any way to send an alternative, shorter document we would suggest not sending a full presentation and holding out for a live face to face or webinar presentation at… Read more »

Giving Your Business Developers Great Presentation Tools

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Business developers in tough economic times need to be able to put their best foot forward for every opportunity. A presentation sales deck can make or break the service or product differentiation that you hope makes it into the prospects mind. Building the right deck requires an understanding of the sales force, presentation styles, the… Read more »

Make Your Complex Business as Clear as Crystal

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Okay, so you’re not selling fruit at a fruit stand. Your business is complex, different verticals, in different markets, with different services, and different partners, all governed by complex regulations. You have heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Your complex business needs to be broken down visually so that the… Read more »

Driving Enrollment with an Admissions Presentation

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Enrollment can be the life blood of a program or educational institution. Achieving an enhanced enrollment can be difficult if you have a dual demographic audience. Adults who are forty plus years in age represent one demographic, while eighteen-year-olds represent a completely different demographic and mindset.  Yet one presentation message has to connect and engage… Read more »