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Kiosk Presentations

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Presentations at a kiosk or self read presentations require strong visuals and quick transition movement from slide to slide to keep the audience reading. Words have to be minimized and to the point as well as augmented by the visuals. There is no time to for the audience to figure out the connection, it must… Read more »

Brand Consistency

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If your work for a large enterprise you more than likely have brand guidelines. You also more than likely have an organization with a high volume of “sales decks” circulating around.  Most of these decks are cherry picked with a few slides from different decks of coworkers who might have successfully tackled a sub-topic. Therefore… Read more »

Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak!

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The best presentations leave the audience wanting more. Usually more does not entail more bullets or more charts. “More” entails engagement and discussion because what was offered appears to be interesting to the audience, to have struck a chord. So if brevity rules the day…go ahead and ask your audience how they feel about brevity…how… Read more »

Tribute to Steve Jobs(1955-2011)

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What can we thank Steve Jobs for?  A few cool electronic gadgets in our repertoire perhaps or more. Visit the Apple website, or the Apple store, or closely look at your Apple products and you will start to notice design. The simplicity of straight forward clean design, with ample room for white space and a… Read more »

Avoid Using PowerPoint as a Crutch, Remember You Are in Charge

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When we have landed the opportunity to present, especially in the sales environment, often we realize that our pitch deck is inadequate. Upon setting out to develop our revised, revamped, newly designed presentation we encounter by mistake a philosophy that turns the PowerPoint deck into the holy grail of the opportunity meeting. A presentation utilizing… Read more »

Understanding the Value of Charts

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We all need the occasional chart to relate data and information to our audience. Most charts usually fail because they over-present the data and do not offer a clear message. We have been educated in the business world and our specific discipline but most of us have never been educated in how to effectively present… Read more »

Educate Your Audience

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Anybody can list their company services in a sales presentation. What takes real work is to tell a story. Invariably when telling a story you have to educate the audience. “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a…etc”  that famous line is the start of some education about the story… Read more »

Strong Visuals

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When most of us think of investor presentations, we visualize charts, tables, graphs, and elements such as CAGR. If you take a look at the examples above what you will see are visuals that help augment what the presenter is saying. Yes, an investor deck does have those items mentioned earlier but the presenter has… Read more »

Tell a Story

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When we were kids we all used to have stories read to us by adults. They were captivating. As we grew older we may have migrated to mediums such as movies or video, but the point is still the same. We like to hear a story. Something with a beginning, a middle, and an end…. Read more »

Investor Presentations in the Tech World

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Investors to the tech world are usually familiar with investments in this sector. They are aware of general pitfalls and potential upswings. However getting your tech idea across succinctly could be the most important aspect. In other words if you babble your explanation of your business, the investor confidence in your ability as a business… Read more »