Presentation Partners Discusses Giving Back

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Just the other day a prospective client asked us some questions about the charities that we currently donate to.  It was refreshing to examine something other than process or cost structure.

We all have a responsibility in business to give back.  Large or small organizations can share monetarily, volunteer time, or share talents. There are many large organization examples that we can follow. Take a look at the National Football League and their long running association with The United Way, or the PGA Tour which has charities established in every city the tournaments are hosted in. The examples are boundless where we can help. Align yourself with a large national or global charity that has a track record of success, and attributes a high amount per dollar going to the effectiveness of the actual cause. Don’t leave out the local or regional charities. Meet with the directors of the local and regional charities and find out what their needs are. Again you may be able to help with an offering of talents or time as well as donating funds.  Encourage your employees to be a part of the organization, or seek an organization on their own that needs help.

Volunteering can be a rewarding experience for those who chose to participate.


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