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Principles of a Webinar Presentation

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Have you ever sat through a webinar? Were you fully engaged or did your external distractions such as smart phones, tablets or multiple monitors periodically pull you away from the webinar presentation? PowerPoint certainly gets a bad rapt, after all it’s just an application. It is never more apparent than in a webinar that our… Read more »

Establish Front Line Presentation Clarity

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In the  business world of high stakes presentations when selling services, presentations have increased value over companies who develop products. Products are tangibles that prospects can usually research, touch and feel.  Services on the other hand have a higher chance of leaving  the prospect audience with a collective “huh?”  With that higher chance of presentation… Read more »

Conference Presentations and the Value of Neuroscience

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When you present a PowerPoint presentation at a conference, the desired outcome is usually a bit different than the usual sales or investor presentation. The first concern most presenters have, “how do I get through this without embarrassing myself.”  The more confident presenters usually think about elevating their professional status within the respected business community…. Read more »