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Recruitment Presentation Decks

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Bringing top level talent into your organization can be a challenge. When recruiting in groups companies often resort to PowerPoint presentations. If developed properly your recruitment presentation can bring the talent on board.¬† The developer of the presentation must strike a delicate balance between pushing the organizations values and philosophy and most importantly, articulating whats… Read more »

At Presentation Partners the Message is the Focus

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Kiosk PowerPoint Presentations Exhibiting in today’s trade shows especially against the larger players in your space requires multimedia. There are usually not enough workers in your booth to handle the flood of prospects that occasionally hit at the same time. Then there is the issue of attracting them into the booth in the first place…. Read more »

Differentiation Can Be Vital to a Successful Outcome

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Human Resource Benefits PowerPoint Presentations Companies are reeling with both hiring and retaining employees. Couple that with rising healthcare cost and HR staffs have their hands full. If your company sells to the HR space, you need to realize that HR personnel are bombarded by opportunities to solve the adoption issues of their employees. ¬†Differentiation… Read more »