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Tips for a Conference Presentation

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Presenting to an organization at a conference can be a great way to drive sales for your organization or if it is your own group, rally the troops. The downside is that if your presentation doesn’t cut it, the troops are not motivated, or the members of the association have little or no interest in… Read more »

Know Your Audience

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At Presentation Partners the audience is one of three elements; the presenter, the presentation, and the audience. However the audience is the focus and ultimately what determines whether you fail or succeed with your presentation. While most presenters spend very little time on this element, we strive to understand the audience and design both the… Read more »

Kiosk Presentations

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Presentations at a kiosk or self read presentations require strong visuals and quick transition movement from slide to slide to keep the audience reading. Words have to be minimized and to the point as well as augmented by the visuals. There is no time to for the audience to figure out the connection, it must… Read more »

Brand Consistency

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If your work for a large enterprise you more than likely have brand guidelines. You also more than likely have an organization with a high volume of “sales decks” circulating around.  Most of these decks are cherry picked with a few slides from different decks of coworkers who might have successfully tackled a sub-topic. Therefore… Read more »

Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak!

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The best presentations leave the audience wanting more. Usually more does not entail more bullets or more charts. “More” entails engagement and discussion because what was offered appears to be interesting to the audience, to have struck a chord. So if brevity rules the day…go ahead and ask your audience how they feel about brevity…how… Read more »