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Tell a Story

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When we were kids we all used to have stories read to us by adults. They were captivating. As we grew older we may have migrated to mediums such as movies or video, but the point is still the same. We like to hear a story. Something with a beginning, a middle, and an end…. Read more »

Investor Presentations in the Tech World

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Investors to the tech world are usually familiar with investments in this sector. They are aware of general pitfalls and potential upswings. However getting your tech idea across succinctly could be the most important aspect. In other words if you babble your explanation of your business, the investor confidence in your ability as a business… Read more »

Not Your Momma’s Medical Presentation

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Can you think of a presentation topic that could be more daunting. How about combining the medical space with information technology? Looking at the above sample, you’d never know the topic was daunting. The visuals create impact and quickly engage the audience.  How do we get to that point? Our designers are talented but they… Read more »