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“Who is This Presentation For?”

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Always ask yourself, “Who is this presentation for?”   (Hint; it’s not you!) Often when designing the look and feel of the graphic approach for a presentation, the presentation is designed graphically to appease the decision maker, a creative director, or even worse a person in the small organization who is “creative.” The creative director should… Read more »

Simplicity the Ultimate Sophistication

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The above statement is a quote from Leonardo Davinci. It is what we believe to be a core element of delivering successful PowerPoint presentations. Looking at the slides samples above, minimal text exist, maximum visuals, and a sense of visual priority. What is the effect of this approach? Well, for the presenter there is not… Read more »

Presentation Partners and Snoopy 1

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Outside our office hangar location this week was “Snoopy 1″, the Metlife blimp.  The blimp is visiting for aerial television coverage of the 93rd PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club, in Johns Creek Georgia. So this week our design inspiration was a giant balloon with a cartoon character because we all love, Snoopy!

Send Me Some Information…

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  How often have we heard the words from a prospect, “Send me some information?”  We know this can be somewhat of a put-off statement at the time of contact, but it is still an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. Sending a URL to the website, or a pdf brochure is not… Read more »