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No Templates Needed

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For those of you on a tight budget looking for maximum impact, look no further. Other than a logo in the lower right corner (not always needed) take a look at these slides. Straightforward and clear messaging augmented with strong visuals. All without the need of those pesky usually overdone PowerPoint templates. Don’t get us… Read more »

The Audience is Always First

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Always first, is the audience.  Webinars present challenges because the audience is hidden, you can’t see them. Complicate that webinar by have predominantly engineering types in attendance.  Relatively speaking this sounds like it could be a boring presentation. However at Presentation Partners our custom developed decks are anything but boring.  In the case of an… Read more »

Differentiate from the Competition

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Some days it feels like your industry is getting commercialized. Your organization does have differentiating value from your competitors but it’s not always easy for your new prospect to grasp that message. If this sounds like your situation Presentation Partners can take your message, apply a re-focused effort and create not just a look, but… Read more »