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Road Show Warriors Looking for Capital

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Combionic: Investor decks are common development for Presentation Partners and so are tight deadlines. This exciting client, Combionic, had to deliver an overseas  investor pitch on a complex subject matter (Collaboration software platform) in less than 10 days from the onset of the presentation opportunity. Working closely with the CEO of Combionic using our process… Read more »

Crunch Time…Presentation Partners Can Help

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An opportunity came in the business door faster than you were hoping for. It’s just the audience that you needed to help propel your business fast…almost too fast. You are not prepared.  Your presentation deck resembles your daughters 6th grade school PowerPoint.  If you can collaborate, be responsive, and clear we have just the right… Read more »

From Complex to Clear

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  The three slides displayed above are three slides in a series of seven slides designed specifically to explain a complex platform for software collaboration among a global supply chain.  The beauty of this, is that this message was originally conveyed on just one slide. One very confusing and heavily animated complex slide…that no one… Read more »