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Investor Decks for Institutional Investors

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  Investor Decks for Institutional Investors This presentation category is different from most investor decks. It involves knowing your audience and their setting. Private placement memorandum or institutional investors require thorough and straight forward detail in an orderly fashion.  Whereas too many words and too much information would send most presentation audiences into a tailspin,… Read more »

Helping Global Companies Convey Their Message

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So many companies have spread their wings due to accessibility through technology. Often our presentations have to convey the global aspect of our customers and it goes beyond slapping a globe graphic on a slide, although  you have start somewhere, right?  Global companies are complex for many reasons, but conveying their value proposition is also… Read more »

The Science of a Story

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Neuroscience is all around us.  In particular in the business world neuroscience is garnering a lot of attention. The questions are focused on how to better connect our message with the customers emotional buying or decision habits. One of the many neuroscience elements is story telling.  Story telling is being embraced in organizations such as… Read more »