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Two Main Components Needed for a Mind-Blowing PowerPoint Presentation

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Two main components exist for every good PowerPoint® presentation; a compelling message and strong visual support. Suppose we have a good designer in our midst and they craft some great looking stuff, but the content is really a services listing. Chances are the audience will quickly realize there is nothing compelling and that they are… Read more »

Lapping the Competition with your Powerpoint Presentation

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The case study of our client MTC was similar to many other sales development decks that we produce at Presentation Partners. Here was a mid-size company pitching to a large organization (SONY) for significant business.  Already a certified supplier to SONY, therefore in the role of the incumbent, things appeared on the outside at first… Read more »

Tips for an Investor PowerPoint Presentation

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Creating a  successful investor presentation requires a realization that your audience differs tremendously from a typical sales presentation.  An investor presentation is usually designed to seek capital infusion into an established or start up company. How the PowerPoint presentation is delivered is usually initially through email and sometimes through a live presentation.  More often the… Read more »

Bring Your PowerPoint Presentation to Life

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Sales Presentation Building a successful sales or business development powerpoint presentation requires not just product or service differentiation, but a differentiation of the message.  One of the best ways to show differentiation to your prospective audience is to do it with your presentation. What follows is three points to help bring that powerpoint presentation to… Read more »