Its always fun when Presentation Partners gets to develop a presentation for a product that is beneficial in some way to our lives. We developed a global training presentation for Amway NUTRILTE Vitamin C Plus. The project just made us feel healthy!  Amway has a very well established brand identity that had to be maintained throughout the presentation which will be distributed to over 80 countries. This new Vitamin C tablet allows you take one pill and have the valued plant-based nutrients release for maximum gentle effectiveness in your body over an eight hour period.  The design was a total collaboration between existing corporate assets from Amway and the skill set of our creative staff.  In addition we also had to develop a 25 second animation embedded in the presentation to depict the concept of time release nutrients in the body.  We incorporated 3D modeling to morph from the image of a still photographed female into live breathing scientific model. Take a look at our animation capabilities at